Standard Bed Sizes

Welcome to our article where we provide detailed information about bed sizes and bed base size. When it comes to the bedroom, the most important element is undoubtedly the bed and the base. Bases provide a great convenience as they create an area where you can store the excess at home. Well, what are the ideal bed base measurements that cause confusion for those who are going to get married or renovate their bedroom? Although there is a lot of talk about this subject in the market, it is possible to talk about an inconsistency in general. What is the width of the double bed? What size should the base be? We will explain all the details shortly.


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Bed Dimensions


Double bed base dimensions

One of the most common mistakes made by users who buy double beds and bases is that they buy the base and bed from separate furniture companies. In this way, since the dimensions can be wrong, the bed and the base may not match. In this way, one of the products needs to be changed or returned. Bed sizes are called large beds and large beds are called king size beds. This is a complete ordeal for users. For this reason, our advice to our visitors who will buy bed and base sets is to take the right measurements. Below are the standard double bed base bed sizes:

  • 150*200
  • 160*200
  • 180*200 (Oversized bed size)



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Double bed dimensions


160×200 Base Bed Dimensions

We can say that the most standard size in the base and mattress industry is 160×200. If you are looking for a double bed base and it is neither too big nor does it prevent two people from sleeping comfortably, 160×200 is exactly the size you need. In addition, if you do not want to leave too much space in the room, a plinth in the dimensions we mentioned will do your job more than enough.


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For those who are looking for a double bed and do not have much room in the bedroom, the smallest double bed size is 160×200. Although smaller models can be found, beds under these dimensions can unfortunately cause big problems in terms of comfort.




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150×200 Base Bed Dimensions

Some ladies find 160 cm bed width too much. The number of people who prefer a smaller bed base because they do not want it to take up too much space in the bedroom is not small at all. As every lady who has a small bedroom knows very well, an excess of 10 cm in there can make you very uncomfortable. Therefore, if your bedroom is a little small, choosing a 150×200 bed base will be sufficient for you. We recommend our visitors who want to buy a double bed base or double bed carefully read the details given in this article.




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[pinktext]180×200 Base Bed Dimensions:[/pembetext]

It is perfect for those who want to sleep in a large bed. If you want to sleep in a “like a highland” bed, even when two people are sleeping, your choice should definitely be a 180×200 plinth bed. But you should not forget that you must have a large bedroom in order to use such a bed.





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For couples who are fond of comfort, 180×200 dimensions will be the right choice for a bed that will not be too big and very comfortable. Of course, you should not forget that for such a large double bed, a large bedroom is also required. It is useful to take a look at our topic, the tricks in the measurement of the plinth, which you should pay particular attention to. The bedroom subject includes many different variables, and it also reveals many things to be considered. Among these things to be considered, we can say that the bed is one of the most important issues. So, what should be the size of the bed and what should be considered?





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Single bed base dimensions

If you wish, let’s examine it according to the size of the single bed base.


Tek Kişilik Baza Yüksekliği



100×200 Single Bed Base Sets


If you are one of those who like to be comfortable even if it is a single person, then a slightly wider model will do the trick. We can say that 100×200, which is the largest size in single bed models, is quite comfortable. But we should remember that it takes up much more space than single beds.




Measurements are extremely important for the bed bases used in every home. Normally, when you go to buy a bed base, you are not very interested, but we would like to talk about the most ideal sizes in bed base sizes, which are a determining factor both on the comfort to be obtained from the bed base and in terms of price.


Single Bed Dimensions

If you are going to buy a bed base and bed, we recommend you to review the standard single bed sizes and base sizes in this article.




80×180 Single Bed Base Sets

For single bed bases, the smallest size for adults is 80×180. Although adult bed bases are not produced below these dimensions, the dimensions that will provide minimum comfort are claimed to be 80 cm, but if you ask us, it is a narrow size. If your room is available, do not buy a base under 90 cm. In general, these models, which have the thinnest mattress thickness in the bases, can cause problems due to both their narrowness and their short length.




90×190 Single Bed Base Sets


90×190, which we can introduce as the dimensions of a single bed base in many houses, is the base size that can achieve maximum efficiency at a minimum level. If there is not much width in the room where the bed base will be placed, it would be most logical to choose a bed base of this size.


Tek Kişilik Baza Ölçü Standartları



120×200 Single Bed Base Sets


If there is enough space in the room where the single bed base will be placed, if your room is large and if you want to move comfortably on the bed, our recommendation will be 120×200 bed bases. Thanks to its width, these bases, which allow you to turn right or left during your sleep without any trouble, offer an extremely comfortable use thanks to their height. However, it should be noted that in terms of price, they are more costly than the bases of the sizes we have just mentioned.




1.5 Person Bed Sizes and Prices

Some of our visitors want to get information about the 1.5-person bed size. Let’s note the standard sizes and prices here.

  • 120×190 cm
    986,00 TL
  • 120×200 cm
    1,011.00 TL
  • 130×190 cm
    1,062.00 TL
  • 140×190 cm
    1,115.00 TL
  • 140×200 cm
    1,131.00 TL




90×200 cm Single Bed Base Bed Sets


It is one of the most ideal sizes. If you want to have a cozy and comfortable bed, you should have a bed with a minimum width of 90 cm. This size is the ideal range for adults and children alike. What is the need for such a large measure for children? you may ask. If the base or bed is too narrow, the blanket or quilt you put on the child will constantly slip and fall, and your child will become sick with a cold.




How many cm should the plinth height be?

One of the details that confuses many people in the bed bases, which are in every house and have a very high importance, is the height. We would like to tell you a few tips about what height a standard bed base should be or what should be considered when buying a bed base.




Bed and Base Height

When calculating the height of the bases, many people ignore the fact that they will be involved in the bed. Since it increases the height of the bed placed on the base, it is useful to consider the height of both in order to avoid problems at this point.






Plinth Frame Height

One of the details you need to pay attention to most in bed bases and the value that you will encounter in many base models is the case height. Many people confuse the height of the frame with the total height of the base and make a mistake. Frame height is only the height of the frame without the foot height of the bed base. At this point, a height of 30-32 cm will be sufficient for you.




Plinth Height

The detail that confuses many people when calculating the height of the plinths is the foot height. Taking into account the height of the foot part of the bases will allow you to make more accurate choices. The feet, which usually have a height of 7-8 centimeters, will require you to prefer higher crates on the bases that are placed on the floor, that is, in models without feet. In short, when taking into account the height of the plinth, a total value of around 38-40 cm will be sufficient for you.



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Things to Consider When Choosing a Base

We talked about bed sizes with you yesterday, we talked about the sizes you can find in the market and what advantages and disadvantages they have. Now, we will touch on issues such as what type of bases we should turn to in the bases, which are the choice of many people, while buying a bed, and what should be considered in the selection.




Base Base Based on Room Size

The first thing to consider when choosing a plinth is the size of the room. You have to consider the width of the room when choosing the base and therefore the bed, so that you do not choose a room with large dimensions. Otherwise, there may not even be room to move in the room, which is really annoying. Yes, we accept that a large bed base can be more useful, but as we said, no matter how useful it is, it doesn’t make any sense if you don’t leave space in the room.



tek kisilik krem baza GPgCP


How to Use

When deciding on the size of the plinth, you should not forget that how you will use the plinth is also important. In other words, if you are going to stack a lot of items in the bed base or if it will be used as an area where large items will be placed, then it would be beneficial to turn to larger bed bases. But you should not forget that this will cause problems due to the ground. In order not to encounter problems with the floor, if you have too many items, it is useful to turn to alternative storage units. Because it can be difficult to keep all of them with a base.




Plinth Dimensions and Prices

  • 80×190 cm
    776.00 TL
  • 90×190 cm
    831.00 TL
  • 90×200 cm
    858.00 TL
  • 100×200 cm
    881.00 TL
  • 150×190 cm
    1,141.00 TL
  • 150×200 cm
    1,166.00 TL
  • 160×190 cm
    1,194.00 TL
  • 160×200 cm
    1,219.00 TL
  • 130×200 cm
  • 80×200 cm
    808.00 TL
  • 150×200 cm Double Case
    1,529.00 TL
  • 160×200 cm Double Case
    1,605.00 TL
  • 180×200 cm Double Case
    1,657.00 TL
  • 200×200 cm Double Case
    1.715,00 TL


Click the gallery to see all the Base Models.


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